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The journey of self-love is one we are bound to take, some time or another in our lives. And it is only a matter of time before we learn how to reconcile with ourselves. Loving yourself is not a textbook case and checklist you cross every morning. We all have different means for self-expression and go through the journey in different routes. It can be hard sometimes, to define where our self-love begins, how to set boundaries without rushing the process.

If you are lost, and looking where to start, here are five simple ways you can practice self love today.

Let the People Who Belong in Your Past, Stay in Your Past

There is a reason why people no longer belong in our lives. As poignant as some memories may be, the sooner you accept the fact that you are past them, the easier it will be to let go. Do not stalk your ex to fulfill trauma-based beliefs of unworthiness, do not blame yourself for the mistakes that happened. It is absolutely okay if you are no longer friends with people you once shared the world with. People grow together and apart; it is the cycle of life.

Learn to Say “NO!”

Perhaps one of the hardest issues in setting boundaries is learning when to back away when to refuse anything that does not bring you joy and satisfaction. Although it might seem selfish at first, with hindsight, you grow to learn that at some point, you have to be selfish, you have to seek yourself first, to be there for yourself before tending to the needs of everyone around.

Saying “no” does not make you the bad person, you alone are in the best position to know what’s right from you. Take your time and stand your ground.

Disconnect Yourself !

Step into your thoughts, allow yourself to be mindful of the moment, engage with your emotions, understand what your body and mind are in most need of. Seek abundance, be grateful for the small things, ground yourself, connect to your deepest thoughts and focus on your desires. Surround yourself with positivity, and positivity will find you.

Give Yourself Some Rest

Allow your body to rest accordingly. Understand what your body is feeling, and give it the rest it requires. You can draw, sing, write, or practice whatever brings you peace and lets your body relax. Therefore, If movement brings you rest, then move, if remaining still, sleeping all day, lighting a candle and staring into the empty is your way of relaxing then do it.

Forgive Yourself, Love Yourself

Forgiveness does not come overnight, but neither does self-love. To love yourself is to forgive it. And as big as that might seem, a simple act of writing a letter to yourself, can prove to be extremely helpful. Visualizing your pain and your past, and any other occurrence that disturbs you on paper goes a long way.

You can either write a letter to yourself on paper or address one to your future self. Sites like futureme.org allow you to schedule a letter 10 years or even weeks from the day you write it, and have it delivered to your email!

Stop keeping track of the mistakes you made, it’s time to forgive and love yourself.

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