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Ugly. That’s the first thing you think whenever you see me.

Most people aren’t amazed by me. I am not the prettiest, my colours aren’t shiny, my figure isn’t lean. Long and wide black lines filled with flaws and imperfections. Dots grey and black scattered all over with no excuse or apologies.

However, good things happen to only those who wait and with the tickling seconds you will start to see my imperfections stunning, my black lines shiny, my flaws dazzling and my mess extraordinarily spectacular.

You will love, keep and protect me. You’re going to see a reflection of yourself between my flaws.

I will love you back and cure you cause I am a piece of art, not an art.

My name is abstract art and this is the logic behind my magic.

Abstract Art & It’s History

Art was born along with mankind.

The very first dawn brought art to life. A mess of orange, red and yellow. A mesmerising landscape with so many mysteries to solve.

Abstract art has been with us for a century now. It rose in periods of the great depression, world wars and starvations. It’s a deeply emotional reflection of what artists have been through. Yet again, abstract art isn’t a miserable form of art. Actually, it’s a rare phenomenon, where there are lines, shapes and forms, but not intended to represent a living thing or an object.

Abstract Art and Mental Health

Scientists have spent all their lives decoding the mind’s crypt. Decades of scientific research has only uncovered the least of many mysteries within the human mind.

So, the question is ” If science can’t decipher the normal human mind, how possible it will work on the up abnormal one? ”

Mental disorders and abstract art have one thing in common, both of them are emotionally intense and yet difficult to define. Individuals who suffer from poor mental health always suffer from difficulty in expressing their emotions or thinking process openly. Abstract art can be effectively used in predicting and understanding their emotions. Moreover, it helps in evaluating their progress.

Here’s another question ” Is abstract art just a way to monitor people with mental disorders? Or there’s more?! ”

The answer was with Mr Ramírez. Luckily he told us before his death in 1963.

Martin Ramírez was a great artist in the 20th century; he was diagnosed with schizophrenia 30 years prior to his death. 3 years prior to his death, he drew 25 paintings – which in fact didn’t show any sign of mental illness. Strange, ha?

Even more strage is a recent study at Stanford University in which it compared patients with bipolar disorders with a group of healthy people. The study stated that students with creative disciplines have more common personality traits with bipolar patients than healthy ones.

Until now, science failed to prove if abstract art is either a symptom, result or a cure to mental illness. But the connection between abstract art and mental disorders is unquestionable.

Abstract Art and Beauty

“It isn’t beautiful at all,” says some. While Abstract art is considered unique, elegant and extraordinary, it has a lone dysfunction.

It’s hard to be understood. Mostly, people see it as a bad form of art. A crappy trial of a 5 year old to paint something useful.

Only a small fraction can connect with it and see beyond its flaws and dysfunctions.

So, that brings us to some pretty important questions. What’s your definition of beauty? What makes something beautiful? What’s the definition of beauty? Does beauty have a constant value we can rely on?

The answer is: No.

Beauty lies in curiosity, inspiration, imagination, independence and freedom. It’s way beyond a uniform pattern of lines and dots. Abstract art is just that, if not more.

Every piece of art has hidden meanings within its layers; the only difference with abstract art; its hidden secrets will never be exposed. You may spend your lifetime staring and with every blink – you’ll see a new meaning. A new possibility. A new you. Inside out. Born and reborn with the painting.

The strongest type of art will mess you up in the prettiest way possible.

Abstract art is your first class free plane ticket away from realism and logic.

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