The new therapy center opens its doors in JLT and is set to become the leading emotional wellbeing center in the UAE.

Dubai, 4th September 2019: The new emotional wellbeing center located in JLT Cluster M has been launched on 1st September 2019.  BE Psychology is founded by Reem Shaheen, a licensed, U.S.-trained Counseling Psychologist working in the field for 12 years across three countries. 

BE Psychology will serve a wide range of clients from individual psychotherapy to child and adolescent therapy. With a stellar team of specialists and an impressive scientific track record, BE Psychology will aim to become the go-to center for sensitive psychological matters but also a leading voice into creating social campaigns for mental awareness throughout the UAE. 

A Statement by BE Psychology Founder, Reem Shaheen

I am incredibly excited to launch BE Psychology in Dubai. We created a space of confidentiality where our clients can feel heard, understood and safe to open up without judgment. The philosophy behind BE Psychology is compassion and empathy and this reflects on our physical space and the brilliant team we brought together. We are on a mission to help raise awareness on the importance of mental health and acceptance of asking for help and we aim to support as many people as possible.”

BE Psychology will also help kids and adolescents with  Ross Addison joining the center in September. Ross is a Psychologist specializing in the treatment of children, adolescents, and families using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Ross has been practicing in Dubai for 5 years as a CBT Therapist, supporting families from varied backgrounds across a range of mental health concerns. He considers himself a problem solver above all, applying structured CBT in the context of collaborative working, empathy, warmth and trust.

With the rise of the mental health concerns among adults and kids, BE Psychology is an addition to Dubai’s growing community who helps the residents achieve a higher level of self-love and acceptance. 

About BE Psychology Center for Emotional Wellbeing

Located in JLT Cluster M, HDS Tower, BE Psychology Center brought together collective years of experience from around the world, across different specialties, to bring to its clients the best possible care centered around individual needs and focused on emotional wellbeing.

Visit the website at  https://bepsychologycenter.com/
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Media Contact:
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