Elias Sabella Cover Art

Listen to “NO LOVE” – A Song by Elias Sabella

Elias Sabella is a Jordanian singer and songwriter based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He has been composing and performing for more than 8 years as a solo artist. Elias previously opened concerts for artists such as 30 Seconds to Mars, The Eagles, and Wyclef Jean as well as toured countries like Jordan, Egypt, Switzerland.

No Love is the first single from his upcoming debut EP. The song was one of the first tracks that I recorded for the EP and was solely built around the low acoustic guitar tuning. We wanted to keep the song raw yet energetic fusing sound elements such as Pop, Lofi Rock and EDM.

In a relationship, you tend to sacrifice and compromise in order to maintain the love between two people. But sometimes when you sacrifice too much you start to lose yourself trying to keep a relationship from failing.

No Love” talks about all the red flags that you overlook when you are in a relationship and coming to a realization with yourself that maybe you have given much more than you can at this period in time.

Only once you let go, and realize what your worth is you will start to feel better and empowered. However starting over again, trying to fall in love and build a healthy relationship can be hard after so much hurt.

What can you do when you feel too numb to fall in love again?

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Writing and Performance: Elias Sabella

Mixing and Mastering: Rayan Bailouni

Videography: Mischa Million

Instagram: @EliasSabella
Facebook: Elias Sabella

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