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The first time you cried, you were a baby.

You were an infant stunned of a world you do not know of, experiencing emotions you have not yet heard of. You were held upside down in an uncomfortable position, being hit to make sure you’re alive. You cried and you screamed to declare your existence; your emotions.

So tell me, when was the last time you cried so nakedly?

iI read a post that said, we cry when we cannot withhold a certain amount of emotion. When our bodies are overwhelmed with this emotion, it releases it through crying.

Being vulnerable is not the ability to just feel, but to feel intensely.

We wear layers and layers of barriers to hide the heart we wear on our sleeves. We cover ourselves with such a hard shell, believing it is a sort of protection, but it is only making it harder on our inner selves to break free from the jail we’re trapping ourselves in. As we thicken this wall around us, we store and bottle our most chronic feelings until we suffocate. We keep so much of our feelings inside to the point where we force our rib cages to carry more than it could.

What has society done to us to think that it is not okay to feel? If we cannot feel, then how can we coexist in a world where peace solely relies on compassion.

Those viewed as vulnerable are tiptoed around. Like those who speak to you must be walking on eggshells. Being vulnerable is not a flaw, it is not over-sensitivity, it is compassion and it is empathy. Although vulnerability horrifies some, I have started to admire it. Seeing people wear their vulnerability exposes them in the most beautiful ways; because it is pure and it is raw. The absence of vulnerability will lead to dry and bitter human connections. The only way for our energies to connect is through emotions, if we take that away, how else will we collide? Why are we so scared of showing our most humane part? Why is expressing how we feel, a monster that attacks our ego? Why is feeling for others something we choose not to do? 

Vulnerability is neither a form or synonym for weakness. To be vulnerable is to feel, to be in connection with the core of your emotions – and that, my dear, is strength in its purest forms. Vulnerability births and nourishes love and kindness; it clarifies our purpose to us.

So here’s to you,

I hope you welcome your vulnerability with open arms.

I hope you become malleable to allow vulnerability to shape your unfolded feelings.
I hope you discover more corners of your emotions and explore new ways in which you can express yourself,
And although society fears vulnerability,
it is exactly what our world needs.

Life is temporary.

We are temporary.
And so are those we love.

So, while we hustle through our passing existence, constantly tell those you love of how much you love them.

Be vulnerable.
Embrace it and wear it like a crown over your head.