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Shot by Youssef Tayeh for Beanos Cafe X Farah Nofal

Farah Nofal is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and one of Egypt’s most inspiring athletes. She has been an active leader in the Cairo wellness community for more than 5 years.

The #PeopleOfEmpower Series aims to shed light on mental well-being through the inclusion of influential individuals and leaders in the Arab Region.

Best known for her Yoga practice, Farah is an ex-basketball player, track & field, CrossFit and functional training athlete. She started educating and teaching herself about flexibility and yoga, which shifted her perception on health and fitness, leading her to discover her true potential, becoming the role model she is today, for thousands across the Middle East.

EMPWR Interviews Farah Nofal!

Ya Farah! We love how much attention you give to the wellness aspect of Health so much so that you balance both physical and mental wellbeing in a quite fascinating manner!

1) How much focus do you give your mental health and have you always been aware of the significance of great mental wellbeing prior to starting your fitness career, as an adolescent growing up?

I’ve always been interested in Mental Health as I believe it’s just as important as physical health however most of the time overlooked. 
Growing up, I was always more into physical health until I got deeper into yoga and the importance of mental health and awareness.
The more I grow, the more I realized how important it is to take care of my mental health as much as my physical, as I believe they reflect one another.

2) How do you regulate your use of Social Media? Any habits, tips or strategies on how you find balance?

Social Media, here’s an interesting topic that has such a huge impact on mental health and humans.

I believe that many of us get too attached and dragged into social media which reflects negatively on our lives and our mental health.

I always seek to balance my activity on social media and try to decrease it as much as I can, So it doesn’t take away from my mental peace.

I’ve personally suffered from Anxiety recently and I believe social media was one of the triggers and aspects that grew and triggered my anxiety.

Ever since I took the decision upon myself to decrease my activity and monitor it as well.

My advice to everyone that’s living something similar is to back off and connect more on a real level with real humans and friends and family.

Laugh and talk and interact the old school way, it’s therapeutic! 

4) How do you make sure you take care of your psychological health, between your hectic training schedules?

By getting my fair share of sleep, cutting down on caffeine, meditating, moving and exercising, and do more hobbies that I genuinely enjoy! 

5) What are 3 things you do to ensure you are maintaining a resourceful and healthy mental state outside of training?

Well, all that I mentioned above but also by checking in with friends and loved ones.

And by giving back to the community, it’s such a rewarding act.

And finally, by self yoga practice, meditation and breathing.

6) If you had a daughter or a son in today’s generation, what would be one thing you’d teach them as the ultimate priority to a happy, healthy and fulfilling life?

Wow, my golden advice would be: stay as humanely as possible, find compassion, kindness, and love and make it a habit to give more of that to the ones around you every single day!

Thanks, Ally for featuring me and keep making us proud! 

Ladies and gentleman, it was an honor presenting Farah Nofal on behalf of the #PEOPLEOFEMPWR Series.

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