We’re all searching for happiness. It could be parents looking for the happiness of their child, or children looking for happiness of their parents, siblings, partners, friends, or even strangers: trying to help one another feel happy through random acts of kindness.

But what really is happiness? Is there one universal definition that we could all agree upon?

The simple answer is No. Everyone is built up differently, so it only makes sense that we all have an altered perception on what happiness is.

As we grow up, we become harder to be fulfilled. We experience life’s ups and downs and so, our perception of happiness is always changing and evolving overtime, alongside our priorities. What makes a four-year-old happy, will not necessarily be the same as what makes a fourteen-year-old happy. The reality is that our priorities and goals are continuously changing and as we grow, we tend to realize that even more.

In addition, there will always be little things that satisfy you, make you smile and simply make your heart skip a beat, no matter how old you get. Like the minute you eat your favourite dessert or having a good hair day or simply getting a fresh clean-cut shave. It could be as simple as the fact that your phone battery didn’t die although it was on 1% battery life.

These are some of the most common factors that make up a large chunk of our overall fulfilment and happiness throughout our lives.

Love, Relationships, & Friends

Loving someone, and being loved back is magical. Everyone is constantly searching for love, whether it be from a partner, or even a friend. That mutual admiration and understanding is rare but euphoric.

Adventures & Experiences

Travelling the world, and going on adventures exudes happiness for so many people. The fact that they get to witness and experience things for the first time, is so fulfilling.


Spending family time can seem ordinary, but to some people these intimate familial moments are cherished. A mother and father gathering with their children every weekend for Friday brunch, or grandparents spending every first day of Ramadan with their children and grandchildren, are moments that can never be traded.

 Education & Knowledge

Your education is one thing that no one can ever take from you. The mind is capable of manifesting much more than you think, given the right knowledge mixed with the right mindset. Money can never replace the experience gained through experiential learning.

Community Service & Giving Back

Giving back to those who are in need creates a feeling that can’t really be explained until you actually try it. It’s one of the most emotionally fulfilling feelings one can feel.

Reaching a Goal

We all have that one goal we’d absolutely do anything to accomplish. We all have that dream that keeps popping back and forth in our minds from time to time. Pain, sweat and tears are just a part of the process. Nothing worth having is ever easy. It could take you years to achieve what you have in mind, but rest assured, once you’re there, you’ll know that it was definitely worth the fight. Only then will you fathom the feeling of pure bliss, joy and happiness.

One thing that will always be a part of what triggers your happiness, is confidence. If there’s one thing to take away from reading this article is the key to your happiness heavily depends on it. Fortunately, we all know that by now,  that’ll always be something we have control over.


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