Art therapy is the therapeutic use of the creative process. Art therapy is a type of psychotherapy that employs artistic creativity (drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, etc.) to connect with, express, and alter one’s inner existence.

How Can We Engage with Art?

Engaging with art is essential for one’s social, and mental wellbeing. Art in this case does not necessarily have to be visual, it can be any form, including music and singing.

There are so many different perspectives, focusing on the art-making process, whether that of a poem, song, or sculpture is one way to engage with Art. Richa Mehta has been working in museum settings and has ever since added another element in the relationship with art and therapy. She believes that it is important to see the different ways we can engage with art. The importance of that lies within how art could give people a better insight into themselves. This process will help people in layers, by first understanding themselves and eventually others.

Art breeds empathy. Whether through artmaking or art-viewing by springing self-reflecting questions that help the individual better understand who they are.

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