Creating content is the story that narrates the course of your brand, the type of your business, and what you have to offer as a product, and how you could help and benefit your followers.

Through your content, you allow people to understand your values, your thoughts, ideas and yourself ! Therefore, when creating  content, we are creating a community that resemble us.

Content Creation and Online Business

To keep it simple and short: Facebook and Instagram do not pay anyone money for their content. Unlike YouTube who does offers an amount of money for users with a certain number of subscribers and/or viewers.

So, if these platforms do not pay money, how do we use them? And the answer is: we must look at these platforms as a marketing tool, as a tool that benefits us when building our digital identity and community.

Two Methods to Gain Money

There are to methods to gain money through content creation. However, it goes without saying that both methods require content creation. Albeit the similarity between these two methods, they are different regardless.

The first method is collaborating with companies. It is a very well-known  method, where influencers often collaborate with a certain company that pay them money in exchange for publicity for their brand. It is important to select the companies and brands to promote for, that fit the creator’s values and principles, and align with their own content.

The second method is through creating your own personal brand. This is done by being the brand, by owning the service, product, and company. This method allows you to control every point of your business, big or small. When there is control over the slightest details on your business, you get to equally control your income and brand goals.

Becoming an Expert

Becoming an expert on your brand requires effort, time, and research. It is important to invest in your own educational background – should that be the topic of your content creation or explore topics on the internet to further enrich your knowledge in the content of your choice.

Content creation will eventually take you from one phase to another as you progress and grow your brand. You might have to change your strategies, and content a bit in order to find the right one that fits you and aligns with your perception and desires.

“Create content that benefits you, and the people around you!”

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