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On the 14th of August, I received a Facebook notification from a colleague, by the name of Yasmin Afifi. She suggested applying EMPOWER MAG or “EMPWR” to Harvard’s 3arabi Impact Initiative.

On the 16th of August, we submitted our application. (You can review it here!)

On Friday, August 23rd, we received our congratulations email from Harvard, informing us that EMPWR was “selected to be featured on HAAA 3arabi Impact Platform”.

EMPWR's Congratulations email on getting selected to The 3arabi Impact
EMPWR’s “Congratulations” email from Harvard

What is The 3arabi Impact By HAAA?

To begin with – the HAAA stands for the “Harvard Arab Alumni Association”.

The 3rabi Impact Initiative by HAAA aims at identifying and supporting the implementation of projects that impact the Arab world, regardless of sector or country, including social enterprises, NGOs, stand-alone initiatives, and projects – spearheaded by alumni as part of their daily jobs.

HAAA aims to provide a platform for Harvard alumni, Harvard students and members of the non-Harvard community to share their initiatives and create opportunities to mobilize support from Harvard alumni, students and relevant stakeholders to implement initiatives that are most liked by the wider community.

The Arab Conference at Harvard 2019, attended by EMPWR’s Founder Ally Salama

How Could Harvard Support Participants of the 3arabi Impact Initiative?!

Three innovative finalists will be matched each with an advisory group comprised of representatives from the public sector, private sector, and international development organizations who will provide mentorship,  and support to facilitate the implementation of the project.

The innovator will develop with the advisory group a concrete action plan to take their initiative to the next level – through investment, commercialization, scale-up, team-building, strategic partnerships, or other aspects that are appropriate for the initiative.

ACH 2019 Co-Chairs: Dina Masri (left) and Raja Ghawi
ACH 2019 Co-Chairs: Dina Masri (left) and Raja Ghawi (right)

The projects will be presented to the audience in a dedicated, interactive session of HAWC 2019  to be held in Dubai on December 6-8 December 2019. Milestones will be presented during the Arab Conference at Harvard (ACH) which will take place in the spring of 2020.

How YOU Can Help Empower Mag’s Win Harvard’s Support!

Here are the simple steps on how you can vote now!

Step 1: Visit https://haaa.swiftwebdev.com

Step 2: Read the Instructions Under “How To Vote”

Step 3: Scroll down (to the 15th Project from the top) until you see this screen below

Step 4: Enter Your Information Upon Clicking Vote, and in the box where you’ll be used to enter a code, you’re then going to copy the 4 digit code from the email Harvard would have sent you instantly, then re-entering in the box assigned – then click vote!


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*SWIPE LEFT* The support you guys have given over the past few days has been unreal. . When I applied to Harvard’s 3arabi Initiative by @harvardarabalumni I did not think everyone would support the way you guys showed up. . Nothing is more meaningful than having a large portion of people you never met show up and support you cuz they believe in something bigger than you.😀 . SO Do you. Don’t try to be or do anything that isn’t YOU. Don’t live fearing people accepting you for who you really are. People always spot who’s real vs who’s acting like someone they aren’t.✖️ . Dont think of how you’re gonna start flourishing. Just your decision to not tolerate any more BS is the root of all fulfillment you are to ever experience in ur life. 🙏🏼 . There’s nothing worse than being around people who don’t know you truly are, just to fit in. . Just GO FOR IT. Do you with all your heart.♥️ . You guys are proof that real intentions never go to waste. That all the effort behind the scenes is appreciated.💙 . That you believe in me carrying the heart i speak with. And that will always be my responsibility in offering you guys my best. 100%. . Instead of seeking how you can always gain things from others, try giving, for no damn reason, and watch how that might just change your life. 👊🏼 . We’re on this journey for life guys. Its not a race. Its all about quality of life. Built by quality of ur decisions in every moment. . Hand on heart, I appreciate all your love and support. ♥️♥️ . For those who voted for us on Harvard and for those who simply are smiling at a kid attempting to pursue a dream right before their eyes. I admire you and encourage you to pursue YOU, taking real great pride in yourself and your mission.🌔 . We’re risking everything atm. I believe in god. I believe in light. I believe what always is real will always thrive and blossom.🌹👊🏼 . Lots of smiles. . Im always here, . Big Hugs to everyone reading this, You are family, – Ally – Shot by @pierregoaer . #smilebig #smilesmilesmile #beyourbestyou #keepsupporting✌🎀 #harvarduniversity #socialentrepreneur #livewithapurpose #liveforadventure #exploreyourself #inspirationalthoughts #creativejournaling

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How Can Empower Mag Benefit from Havard’s Support?

Today, with Harvard’s support we can help transform the lives of a handful of Arab Youth.

Having the largest Mental Health page in the Middle East (and Reach) on Facebook isn’t enough.

Utilizing the power of social media to connect mental wellness services, producing high quality, bitesize content & building an engaging platform for Arab youth will be.

Through Harvard’s support, we can stimulate more interest in regional mental wellness initiatives and educate our younger generation on how to psychologically sustain better quality lives.

Followers of EMPWR sending EMPWR’s Ally Salama Messages on Instagram. To Read More Messages Click Here!

Needless to say, it would be much less challenging for the team to allocate sponsors to fund, take upon interest, and help ensure our communities are educated, guided and supported with the highest degree of trust from our collective initiatives and activities.

With HAAA’s support, I, personally, would be able to commit full-time to EMPWR and build an annual Arab summit that can help educate youth on Mental Wellness.

Ally Salama, Founder of EMPOWER MAG

Together we can save lives from suicide…

(Suicide rates in the Arab World are heavily understated. Most aren’t even reported.)

Should Harvard pick EMPWR, it would truly represent their support when it comes to shifting the stereotype and stigma around mental health across the Arab world.

As of Aug 27, 2019, EMPWR is currently leading the 3ARABI IMPACT Voting Toll at 126 Votes!

We still need your support.

Voting ends September 6th, 2019.

Feel Free to tag or send @allysalama or @empowermagofficial with screenshots of your votes.

We’re adding all our voters to our Harvard Highlight on Instagram here!

Your support would mean the world to us, regardless of the outcome of Harvard’s initiative.

Your voice supporting a cause for youth mental wellness in the region says more than enough.

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