Jr Alli and Pat Greenall are considered one of the best travel duo filmmakers, coming out of Toronto, Canada.

Recently their work has been featured on Visit Egypt and Ontario’s tourism board.

Jr Alli specifically released “ICELAND – The Adventurers Story” which he opened up a lot about his personal story revolving around the topic.

Today, both talents join us to speak about how Mental Health plays a vital role in their lives. Jr and Pat openly talk about how they challenged their struggles to fuel them into some of Toronto’s rising star duo in travel film-making content on YouTube.

It was a pleasure to work with two individuals who just released a viral travel film in Egypt, showcasing the beauty of Ally Salama’s home country.

Tune in to listen to Jr and Pat Greenall tackle the stigma of mental health!

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In this episode :

  • 20seconds: Why do think Mental Health is Important?
  • 3min: Have you ever been in a place where you felt that you needed therapy? (To JR)
  • 8min: Men’s Mental Health
  • 11mins: How do YouTubers like you keep up with the pressure?
  • 14mins: Working without hindering Mental Health
  • 16mins: Pat Greenall talks about the loss of his mother.
  • 18mins: Maintaining Balance in Life – Tips from Jr and Pat.
  • 20mins: A Final Message from Pat and Jr about Mental Health

Quotes from The Empower Series with Jr Alli & Pat Greenall:

  • “Men find it very difficult to talk about mental health”
  • “We need to be more transparent with each other”
  • “A lot of people don’t realize how much of a struggle it is with social media and doing this”
  • “It’s easy to fall into this trap..”


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