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Matias De Rada is a talented film-maker and currently works as a content creator for Beautiful Destinations, the world’s largest tourism community on social media with over 20 million daily users engaging across 180 countries.

Recently, Matias and I bonded closely as we connected over setting up one of his projects in Egypt, earlier back in January. Over the past 4 months, we witnessed Matias take big personal strides in his career and we knew he had something special. We noticed his unique expression through storytelling was one amongst many, including the use of dance, in order to bring his work and art to life.

In preparations for our podcast recording, Matias and I decided to take a different outlook on the Mental Health, taking a more forward/action-based approach.

This was one of our favorite conversations.

Final Remarks

A huge thank you for dedicating your time and effort despite your busy traveling/shooting schedule!

It really means a lot to us.

The Empower Family!

(Click here to watch Matias De Rada’s exclusive short film “THE MAGICIAN | EL MAGO.”)

It was released 3 days after we recorded our podcast.

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In this episode:

  • 1min: Matias’s use of Dance… Ways of Releasing Stress
  • 3mins: How do we draw the line between succeeding at producing great work and maintaining great mental health?
  • 6mins: How does Beautiful Destinations take care of you as an Employer?
  • 9mins: Men’s Mental Health – How do we talk openly as men without losing our sense of masculinity.
  • 11mins: What would you say to creators to become successful and healthy during their quest in pursuing their passion.
  • 16mins: Matias elaborating on Journalling and self-awareness.
  • 20mins: Matias talks about his “Pay it forward” concept.
  • 24mins: Matias gives us the advice to improve our mental health.
  • 26mins: Our role in utilizing social media.

Quotes from the Episode

“In the workplace, you don’t have injury moments, you get tired. you get burnt out. You must learn when to say NO.”

“When I ask for rest. It’s sometimes 24h … sometimes 48h. You must allow yourself time to disconnect to get back stronger.”

“We take our 25 days off to clear our minds and work on ourselves. That’s the best thing about working at Beautiful Destinations.”

“I’m able to text him, I’m able to give him a shout, just being able to talk to somebody like that – The CEO – very much so helps anyone of us dealing with stress”

“It’s almost very silly. The stigma of breaking that wall between you and your leader is vital”

“There are definitely people in my life that I always go to whenever I need help. I think it’s super important to have that in your life”

“It was the biggest attribution of my wellbeing” -Matias on Journalling

“I make myself voice-notes, I talk my problems out they are. It helps a lot.”

“These podcasts are awesome. It helps us speak about the conversation. That’s what we need”

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