June 19th. EMPWR’s Ally Salama and Microsoft for Startups launch a “Social Media vs. Podcasting” event with Sarah Refai in order to discuss new marketing strategies.

The Main Difference between Social Media and Podcasting

“In social media, everything is visible.” Sarah Refai tells Ally “Because it is easier to grab attention with beautiful aesthetics in social media, unlike podcasting.”

As for podcasting, Sarah argued that hosts must grab their listener’s attention through the way they speak. The hosts’ delivery is of utmost importance to keep the listeners concentrated enough to grab the information they need. Furthermore, Sarah insists on creating content that fits people’s focus and aligns with their needs.

Creating a podcast is very different from managing visual social media content. Therefore, it is important to create the right content for the right platform. One’s content can be inspired from a variety of aspects. Perhaps a comment under a video could bring to life an episode in a podcast or a post on Instagram.  That’s why content creators must keep up with their audience and their engagement.

People often seek quick entertainment from social media platforms. However, it does not mean that content creators should not make educational and beneficial content. The challenge is making that content fun and entertaining enough for social media users to engage with.

Other than the fun and educational aspects, it is equally as important to align content with recent trends and products the creator is offering.

Comparatively, podcasts often serve an educational purpose. Using social media, the content creator can easily determine which type of content their audience wishes to learn in detail about. Consequently, the podcast hosts can decide on their show’s content.  

Increasing Engagement in Podcasts

“With every launch, we notice a special offer [being put forth] that brings people toward that launch.”

In order to increase engagement in podcasts, Sarah suggests several strategies. She shares her experience with Ally in this area, saying that organizing contests from her end have helped her listeners engage better with her podcast. Sarah says that it is imperative to give something back to the audience other than the content.

“Eventually, that’s how marketing works” Sarah comments on the matter.

Additionally, Sarah advises young entrepreneurs and content creators to focus their energy and time on one platform in the beginning. Instead of dispersing one’s ideas all over the place, Sarah suggests focusing on growing one platform at a time.

Empowering Personal Brand Through Podcasting

The goal is always content. Knowing which direction to take in creating and focusing that content is key to growing your brand. Offering a different yet harmonized podcast from the content builds trust between you and the audience, who will eventually become invested in your content.

Moreover, in order to making a profit from your content, people will have to buy your courses or any product you’re offering. In here lies the important question: why would people buy YOUR content and not someone else?

The answer is difference. The difference in experience, content, or quality is what attracts customers and future regular clients. In every industry, the more the products align with the followers’ needs, the better they sell. Eventually, you will end up building your own community with people feeling at ease with your content.

The key is understanding how to get from point A to point B.

“Building a community is like creating a club for your content”  

Ally Salama

Final words

In the end, stepping into the world of podcasting requires letting go of your comfort zone. Future podcast hosts must understand that stability is often not available, but it should not hinder or scare them from stepping into this world.

Whether on social media or in podcasting, every content creator must follow a set of steps before launching themselves in the virtual world. Firstly, by deciding on a content, then a platform to start on. Secondly by setting the importance of content, then length, and eventually type of display.

There is a big risk in online business, however it should not hinder any content creator with ideas from starting. It requires time, patience, and effort before making it.

It is important to remember that we’re doing this work for ourselves, for our message and our goal and nobody else. In the end, all of these people who negatively try to impact you are never able to do what you’re about to do.

Sarah Refai

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