Qes Ahmed is an internationally acclaimed filmmaker, living in Los Angeles, California.

Recently he has produced groundbreaking work in the travel film-making scene.


Today, both, Ally Salama and Qes speak to us about how Mental Health plays a groundbreaking role in their lives, irrespectively of their careers.

Tune in to listen to Ally and Qes tackle the stigma surrounding Mental Health!

In This Episode:

0-3mins – What is Mental Health?

3-6mins – Self Acceptance and Self Growth!

6-9 – How to Break State out of your Depression!

9-11 – Parenting in the 21st Century!

11-13 – EQ is not IQ (Emotional Quotient is different from Intellectual Quotient)

13- 15 – The Immense Power of Giving!!

15- 17 – Incorporating Empathy!

17- 19 Finding your Purpose!

19- 22 Regulating our use of Social Media!

22- 25 Qes’s Advice on Maintaining Great Mental Health.

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