SportsMenta: The First Mental Health & Sports Conference in the MENA by EMPWR & Ally Salama
Photo by Marcos Moraes

Launched by EMPWR’s founder, Ally Salama, SportsMENTA is an event where top tier athlete’s across the region unite together, harnessing the power of sports in shifting and influencing culture, speaking on mental health in the MENA.

Most of the time sports is viewed merely as entertainment.

The purpose of this conference is to highlight the ways in which sports address mental health, attack mental health, and enhance our well-being.

That’s why we’re bringing together some of the world’s most powerful athletes together to open the dialogue around mental health in sports.

On Jan 14, 2021 , we’re hosting SportsMENTA for the first time ever via AirMeet.com.

We’re incredibly honoured to have a powerful lineup of Athlete’s including:

Ali Farag – Current World #1 Squash Player & Harvard Student

Mohamed El Shorbagy – Former World Champion & Current World No. 2 Squash Player. (ps. Happy BIRTHDAY – *12 Jan )

Nouran Gohar – Current World No. 2 and 2 x World Junior Champion.

Kanzy El Defrawy – World No. 24 Squash Player & Under Armour Athlete.

Please do make sure to tune into our conference, as we’ll be making sure to upload all our recordings publicly very soon and shorlty across our Mental Health Guide, exclusively to our subscribers. ps. you subscribe at no charge here to our EMPWR Guide.

We’re grateful for our partners at SportsMenta.

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