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This may sound peculiar that a female is talking about such a repressed issue, but to all the stereotypes out there: Men Can Be Fragile Too.

“The Narrow Eye”

The Man Box,
A call to suppression,
Materialistic identities
“Men are tools”
End of discussion.

No more keys to leave
A label, saying what someone
Should be indeed, fearless and a wine
On the other hand, a basic historical sea

Success is either in bed or on board
That’s how a strategical – powerful man goes
Emotionally unavailable, a sorrow call
From lost communications,
“He’s angry and cold”

And so it goes,
Men – big bodies
Controlling & Controlled,
The worst manhood,
Every time, before

A Call To Men,
Tony Porter once said
“My liberation as a man is tied to your liberation as a woman”
How can you explain

To a 12-year-old male
That crying makes him a girl
And expect him to respect them – in return?

Here you need to just stop!
Putting random equalities
To whom you think is good 

I see,
Men are not figures
As they are declared to be
They are humans,
Who can feel chords
On solitary roads
Be raw & vulnerable, even more

Conceptions are always there,
As their words won’t be paid
And so they keep up the dialogue,
Ruining a mind’s own monologue

Bypass the emplacement
Of folklores,
That once will have existed.

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  1. Wow, I am amazed by such a deep written poem. I am very proud. This poem has given me goosebumps because while reading it, I couldn’t believe it was written by Fayrouz Elbarakwey. She’s absolutely a talented writer and excellent in her marvellous choice of words.

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