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The psychological definition of anxiety is the emotional feeling of tension along with an overflow of worried thoughts that may lead to physical changes, such as an increase in blood pressure. Anxiety often holds us as hostage from what we presumably believe to be risky to our emotional wellbeing. It often also imprisons us between four walls: our comfort zone.

Here are some tips to help you break free from your anxiety:

  • Daily: Write a list for things you are grateful for:
    Keep adding to this list as much as you can. Refer to it when you feel that your fears are getting the best of you. It will help rewire your brain to develop a more optimistic perspective overview in life. You will start to notice more of the things you place more conscious attention on.
  • Exercise:
    Studies have proven that exercise helps in the development of mental fitness and can actually reduce stress. A little as a short walk will help fulfill the purpose.
  • Challenge your anxiety:
    The dreadful feeling of anxiety comes along with the “what if” and “worst case scenario thoughts”. Challenge these thoughts by asking yourself of what you are able to do if they occur. Think of how you are supposed to react in order to fix or save whatever problem is thrown at you.

Be kind to yourself and do not give in to your inner negative self-talk! Give advice to yourself as if you are giving it to a friend. Be your own best friend!

Remember, you will always be stronger and more powerful than any intangible anxious thought or feeling.

You are in control, so fight fiercely and fearlessly.


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